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Longliner 16

Longliner 16

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Spinner 13 ProfileSpinner 13 Plan

Spinner 13

Starting from: £3,594

The Spinner 13 features the stability and strength that has made this boat a favourite with hire fleet operators and families looking for a sturdy & reliable tender for simply getting out on the water in and around the harbour.

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Dory 424 ProfileDory 424 Plan

Dory 424

Starting from: £5,472

The time proven Dory hull design is renowned for superior stability, outstanding handling and shallow draft combined with huge reserves of built in foam buoyancy for ultimate safety.

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Coastliner 14 ProfileCoastliner 14 Plan

Coastliner 14

Starting from: £4,998

The new Orkney Coastliner 2 is a continuation of our popular and longstanding 440 model, a perfect choice for those looking for a proper little sea boat that is light enough to launch and recover easily.

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Orkney 452 ProfileOrkney 452 Plan

Orkney 452

Starting from: £8,496

Compact and light enough to be towed behind a family car on an unbraked trailer, the 452 is no lightweight when it comes to seakeeping.

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Longliner 16 ProfileLongliner 16 Plan

Longliner 16

Starting from: £5,994

"The smart Blue hull, which won admiring glances from all kinds of boaters, was forgiving in close quarters situations and at planing speeds in choppy conditions.

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Orkney 522 ProfileOrkney 522 Plan

Orkney 522

Starting from: £12,840

The 522 is the perfect choice for those seeking a boat that is tough, safe and versatile.

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Orkney 592 ProfileOrkney 592 Plan

Orkney 592

Starting from: £16,998

Big and powerful, the 592 is designed to run offshore in comfort.

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Pilot House 20 ProfilePilot House 20 Plan

Pilot House 20

Starting from: £24,996

Originally developed from the highly regarded Day Angler 19+, the Pilot House 20 is now in its fourth generation and continues to be a popular size model in the range with Cruisers and Fishermen alike.

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Pilot House 25 ProfilePilot House 25 Plan

Pilot House 25

Starting from: £99,864

The Pilot House 25 model adopts the same long standing principles that Orkney Boats have been so well renowned for over the years, including a robust seaworthy design with uncompromised sea keeping skills.

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Pilot House 27 ProfilePilot House 27 Plan

Pilot House 27

Starting from: £115,872

The Orkney Pilot House 27 has an enviable reputation for sea keeping .

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